What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

  • assessment of intellectual, academic, behavioural and/or adaptive skills
  • identifies strengths and areas of need
  • can identify:
    • learning disabilities
    • giftedness
    • intellectual deficits
  • can screen for:
    • ADHD
    • speech and language difficulties
    • mood disorders
    • developmental disorders, etc.

How do I know if an assessment is needed?

  • experiences academic, behavioural, and/or social-emotional difficulties
  • struggles with planning, organization, memory, task completion
  • may be necessary to access funding (e.g. academic accommodations, assistive technology)

What information does an assessment provide?

  • pinpoints strengths, areas of need and provides practical recommendations for managing intellectual, learning, behavioural, and/or social-emotional differences

LDAS conducts assessments for both children and adults.

Please contact:

Saskatoon Branch:  Dale Rempel, 306- 652-4116

Regina Branch:  Shelley Mitchell, Director, 306-790-8452
Prince Albert Branch:  Prema Arsiradam, Director, 306-922-1071