ADHD Coaching

The Coaching Experience Will Help To:

  • manage life skills, make decisions and achieve goals
  • develop successful strategies that work
  • see positive change in many areas
  • collaborate, communicate and develop self-awareness
  • teach time management
  • decrease stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • get a handle on things
  • arm client with a toolkit of skills needed to manage ADD

Insight into the Coaching Process:

The coach creates a safe environment that encourages honest and open communication necessary if behavioural changes are to occur. This environment exists on a foundation of unconditional acceptance of the client coupled with information and instruction about ADHD. The coach becomes the client’s champion, reinforcing and reminding them of their natural talents and successes.

The coach focuses on identifying and acknowledging the natural talents of the individual within a safe structured environment. Then the coach develops a plan to convert those talents into daily strengths. Ultimately, coaching can help a client with motivation, organization and with other life skills that encourage them to succeed.

For further information on ADD Coaching please contact our Saskatoon office at (306) 652-4114 ext 4