logo-legoclubLego® Club is evidence-based therapy that helps children ages 8-13 years with ADHD, LD and cognitive disabilities learn social skills. The children may lag behind their peers in social situations, and they may have challenges making friends, picking up on social cues, controlling play, and understanding that others may have a different perspective than their own.

Taking the above into consideration, the goal of Lego® Club is to

  • Give the child with a learning disability a sense of belonging
  • Create an environment that allows for social skills development
  • Demonstrate behavioural change that is sustainable over the long-term
  • Create opportunities for the participants to develop healthy peer relationships and friendships

The Lego® Club participants take pride and ownership of the group and, under the guidance of the facilitator and co-facilitator, learn skills such as turn taking, waiting, listening, team building, persuasion, showing empathy, flexibility, and effective communication as the group progresses.

The group is facilitated by the only trained Lego® Social Skills Therapy Coach in Saskatchewan. The children meet once per week for eleven weeks for one hour. They build Lego® sets, do free play and make stop motion animation videos.

Before entry into the group, the children are assessed to ensure they are a good fit. Data is collected before and during the group. A full behavioural report is presented to the parents or caregiver following the eleven weeks in order to keep them aware of progress/next steps.

This is our second year running Lego® Club, and we are seeing excellent results. For more information, please call 306-652-4114, ext. 4.

A sample Lego® stop motion animation video made by the children at LDAS Lego® Club can be seen here: Follow this link to the video.

logo-saskatoon-community-foundationWe are indebted to the Saskatoon Community Foundation for funding for LDAS’s pilot Lego® Club, 2013-14.