Testing of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES)

LDAS is now a certified testing site for TOWES.

What are Essential Skills?

Essential skills are the skills that people need for work, learning, and life. They are used in the workplace and in the community, in different forms and at different levels of complexity. TOWES can be used in all job area, from retail to administration and trades.

There are nine essential skills:

  1. Reading, as in understanding materials written in office documents and manuals
  2. Document Usage, as in finding, understanding or entering information in various types of documents such as tables or forms
  3. Numeracy, as in using numbers and thinking in quantitative terms to complete tasks
  4. Writing or communicating to inform internal and external stakeholders including funders, agencies, supervisors and other staff
  5. Oral Communication as in relaying messages, giving presentations, getting along with other staff, or conducting workshops
  6. Working with Others, as in following instruction and interacting with others on team projects
  7. Thinking Critically as in identifying and resolving simple to complex tasks
  8. Computer Usage
  9. Continuous Learning through formal training and self-study (for workplace promotion)

Why invest in TOWES testing?

The demand for skilled workers is steadily climbing, and foreign competition is pressuring businesses to produce higher quality goods, which again raises the bar for skilled labour. Some workers lack proficiency in one or more of the above essential skills due to lack of education or specific skills training. When a worker is not performing his job duties to the level expected, it isn’t always due to his or her (dis)ability: it might be due to inadequate preparation for further education/training or added responsibilities. Employers do not have the time or the money to hire and rehire.

What can I do?

Call LDAS at 306-652-4903 for more information on individual testing and customised training options.

Fee:  $1000
Contact:  Colette Gauthier – 306-652-4903