Tips for Parents

Providing Structure

  • Get ready for school before going to bed
  • Establish a predictable daily routine
  • Use a visual schedule of daily activities
  • Have a firm bedtime routine
  • Give advance warning when an activity will be ending
  • Insist child finish one task before proceeding to another


  • Teach child to “Stop and Think” before acting to control impulsivity
  • Redirect behaviour, intervene before behaviour escalates
  • Model and practice positive peer interactions with your child
  • Use a kitchen timer for the task reluctant child
  • Use a sticker chart to reinforce positive behaviour
  • Give child choices when you want something done
  • List problem solving strategies on the fridge and cue child to use them


  • Set limits and consistently follow them
  • Use only those consequences you are willing to follow through with
  • Spend time talking about cause and effect relationships
  • Use time out when you child’s behaviour becomes excessive
  • Don’t argue with your child about your house rules
  • Notice when your child is doing well or behaving appropriately

Lynde Hill, M.Sc.
Registered Psychologist