A Workshop for Parents and Caregivers on How to Manage Meltdowns in Children ages 6-12 years

Do you feel that your child’s meltdowns are wearing you down? Do you and your partner disagree on how to address your child’s meltdowns? Is your child’s loss of control impacting on his or her siblings as well?

Sometimes children with LD, ASD, ADHD and other disabilities have trouble with self-regulation. When parents consistently work with one another, the school, and other professionals, they can bring about positive change in their child’s behaviour. In this workshop, participants will

  1. Understand that all behaviour has a function
  2. Learn the 4 functions of behaviour
  3. Participate in hands-on practical demonstrations on what to do during a meltdown
  4. Leave with strategies that you can begin today!

When: 9.00am.-11.45am. Monday, 15 January 2018
Where:  LDAS, Centre of Excellence, Saskatoon at 2221 Hanselman Crt., Saskatoon, SK
Cost: $40 (includes coffee and cookies) and materials
Phone: To register please call 306-652-4921
Facilitator: Cassandra Phillips, BA, MA, PhD

About the Facilitator

Dr. Phillips has completed coursework in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Florida Institute of Technology, USA, and holds certification as a clinical supervisor (Autism Intervention Training) through University of New Brunswick. She works in private practice with children ages 8-15 years with ASD, ADHD, ODD and other disabilities. She also works as a Behaviour Consultant at LDAS where she runs social skills and cognitive therapy groups for children ages 4-15 years with Anxiety, FASD and other disabilities.