Managing the Meltdowns

Managing the Meltdowns: A Workshop on Self-Regulation Strategies for Teachers, Professionals, Parents and Caregivers

meltdownsAre you a professional, parent or caregiver who wants a child (9-13 years) to learn how to control his/her meltdowns?

As a child grows older, his or her ability to self-regulate or control his/her behaviour is essential to forming healthy peer relationships, learning in school, and feeling good about him/herself. This workshop is an extension of the workshop on problem behaviour previously conducted at LDAS but can also be attended as a stand-alone workshop. The workshop   

  1. Reviews and critiques some of the existing strategies available to professionals and caregivers on self-regulation
  2. Helps you to work with the child to guarantee successful outcomes
  3. Includes hands-on practical demonstrations on how to facilitate a group to teach children how to recognize and deal with stress.

When: 9am.-3pm. Friday, 27 January 2017

Where: LDAS, Saskatoon at 2221 Hanselman Crt., Saskatoon, SK

Cost: $150 (includes light lunch) and materials

Phone: 306-652-4114

Facilitator: Cassandra Phillips, BA, MA, PhD

About the Facilitator

Dr. Phillips has completed coursework in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Florida Institute of Technology, USA, and holds certification as a clinical supervisor (Autism Intervention Training) through University of New Brunswick, Canada. She works in private practice with children ages 8-15 years with ASD, ADHD, ODD and other disabilities. She is also a Behaviour Consultant at LDAS where she runs social skills and cognitive therapy groups for children ages 4-15 years with Anxiety, FASD and other disabilities.

“I can’t wait to go away and apply these tools in my own classroom.”