Workshop on Understanding Problem Behaviour in Children with Cognitive and Other Disabilities for Teachers, Professionals. Parents and Caregivers

Are you a professional, parent or caregiver who doesn’t understand why a child is repeating the same challenging behaviour time and time again? Do you say: “The meltdowns come out of the blue for no reason!” or “I need strategies; I don’t have time for this in my full classroom.” Then this workshop is for you. The workshop 

  1. Helps you to understand that all behaviour has a function
  2. Teaches you to identify the function of behaviour and how to respond appropriately
  3. Includes materials, group work, and take away strategies
  4. Focuses on children ages 6-12 years

When: 9am.-3pm., Thursday, 9 November 2017
Where:  LDAS, Centre of Excellence, Saskatoon at 2221 Hanselman Crt., Saskatoon, SK
Cost: $150 (includes light lunch) and materials
Phone: To register call 306-652-4921
Facilitator: Cassandra Phillips, BA, MA, PhD

About the Facilitator

Dr. Phillips has completed coursework in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Florida Institute of Technology, USA, and holds clinical supervisor certification (Autism Intervention Training) through University of New Brunswick, Canada. She works in private practice with children ages 8-15 years with ASD, ADHD, ODD and other disabilities. She is also a Behaviour Consultant at LDAS where she runs social skills groups using ABA principles and other cognitive therapy groups for children ages 4-15 years with ADD, ASD, ODD, Anxiety, FASD and other disabilities.

“The time flew by; Cass is informed on the topic and provides excellent examples.”